Who we are

Global Forum for Media and Development (The Forum) is a registered non-governmental, non-profit organization. It is neither connected nor affiliated to any political parties or religious institutions. It relies on its founders’ monthly contributions, and expected revenues from projects, programmes, events, and publications.

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The Forum has a vision of a world of equal opportunities

Mission Statement

The Forum aims to maximize the use of media, knowledge and services for sustainable development

Role of the Forum

The Forum acts as a contributor to change, a vehicle for policy-makers, practitioners and scholars


Realizing the crucial role of media in determining the multidimensionality of development and recognizing social responsibility


عبد العزيز القاضي  :  عضو مجلس أمناء المنتدى

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نهاد رفعت : عضو مجلس أمناء المنتدى

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منى الصغير : الأمين العام للمنتدى

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المرحوم د. أنور جلال : رئيس المنتدى

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مشيرة كامل :  عضو مجلس أمناء المنتدى

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